Meet The Team- Tamara Morero


The accounts team has a lot to handle, but you might not know what exactly it is they do. We did interviews with the team to get to know them better! Learn more about Tamara and her hard work to get artists paid!

Tamara joined the accounts department, after working in the UK for more than 8 years developing her knowledge of accounts. She has now worked with us for almost two years adding a very positive mood and good accounting knowledge, managing Collaborate and Advocate Art LTD. It is great to work with Tammy, she is always willing to help and has a great team spirit, with her great attitude even during stressful times. Tammy has a warm personality but is ferocious about credit control. It is a pleasure working with her, always working hard with a smile on her face. She now lives in Spain, very close to the beach where she loves practicing yoga and doing long walks with her two dogs whom she adores.


What is your role at Accounts Admin? 

Agency Administrator for LTD Companies (Advocate, Collaborate, Illo) and Collaborate INC.


What is a typical workday for you?

Checking Bank accounts, organizing artist payments, chasing clients to pay us for overdue invoices, managing the accounts for 4 agencies, helping the team if necessary, having meetings with the accounts team to see where we are, and organizing our job to be more efficient.


How did you get into account administration?

I work in accounts for this company for more than 3 years now. I used to work in London until March 2019 when I found an amazing opportunity to work from Marbella’s office and since then I am here working from Spain.


What are you known for amongst your co-workers? 

Well, I always try to support them so if they have any issues they know they can call me to help to release the stress of the moment. We keep an amazing relationship as colleagues and when we meet out too. I guess keeping a nice relationship creates an amazing atmosphere that helps a lot to work as a team.


What is something you wish people knew about your role?

The accounts team is always between clients and artists in terms of payments, we always try to do it as smoothly as possible, and pay everyone on time but there are sometimes issues with invoices not being raised properly.  


What do you like most about working with talent agencies and creative businesses? 

The atmosphere in creative jobs is very positive and relaxed, I know in every single job there are stressful moments, but I believe our company knows very well how to deal with them.


Do you consider yourself creative? At work or personally?

I would say I am creative because in my free time I love being in theatre classes and at work, creativity is always helpful to be efficient and organized.


Where do you work from? What is your favorite part about this area?

I work from home in Estepona, Malaga. My favorite part of being able to work remotely is that you can choose your office place.


What advice would you give to artists or authors managing their own accounts?

I would say being organized and not leaving things for the last minute as accounts need to follow some rules.


What is one piece of advice you think would help artists/authors you work with have the best experience with Accounts Admin?

To get fluent communication and keep the portal updated with bank details and invoice numbers. This will help to pay them on time.