Meet the Team- Pablo Rosado


The accounts team has a lot to handle, but you might not know what exactly it is they do. We did interviews with the team to get to know them better! Learn more about Pablo and his hard work to get artists paid!

After living in the UK for over 11 years and working in the accounts department of a high fashion label, he decided to return to his hometown in Spain where he works for us from his house in the countryside, managing Advocate Art S.L. and Artistique. He is great at credit control, so no client escapes from his charming skills to get our artists paid on time. Pablo enjoys taking care of his plants that look great, having a yoga session at the sunset, and doing some trekking during the weekend.


What is your role at Accounts Admin? 

Accounts administrator


What is a typical work day for you? 

That is me landing on my laptop at 9.00 am CEST to say ‘Good morning guys’ to the rest of the team on Skype. Next to me always my dear coffee with Oat milk and my lovely dog Kora. 

Payme is the first encounter for me, which I clear off so everyone is happy with getting their answers promptly. After this, I will go to my emails and get back to them. 

Then it is the bank that I am checking in order to do my cash posting for the two agencies I manage, Advocate Art SL and Artistique, and also check the Accounts admin bank account to see what has come in. Also, checking my third inbox for royalties, however, this is not done on a daily basis. I tend to do these twice a week, and more times when statements are sent at the end of each quarter.

I must tell that a highlight of the day that does not always happen on a daily basis, is Tammy or I calling each other around noon so we can have our second (forgive me if it is the third one) coffee together, chatting for a bit while we are doing what we are doing at that moment. 

Having lunch is always welcome on those hard days getting back to dozens of artists, and I always tend to be the last one to go for it so the day is almost done! 

There will be always calls with the rest of the group, Jas, Babs, and Ric, who help a lot when I come to them with a possible case in Payme.


How did you get into accounts administration?  

I started interning at the Administration department of Marios Schwab in London, a very exciting English designer who used to do London Fashion Week up to 2016, after completing an Events Coordinator summer course at the City University of London back in 2008. Gradually, I was given more responsibility in the Admin department until they offered me a full-time position there controlling budgets, helping with the annual cash flow, dealing with suppliers, credit control, and private sales, … I worked there for over 6 years (end of 2015) and enjoyed much-taking care of all accounts and sales tasks. Throughout this journey in the Fashion Industry, I decided to top up my former degree with an MBA in Business Management at Roehampton University in South West London in 2011/2012. Those years were quite busy but I have a fond memory of them.


What are you known for amongst your coworkers? 

They often refer to my charming emails to clients and artists when doing credit control or getting back to artists.


What is something you wish people knew about your role? 

I guess most of my colleagues from Accounts know the feeling, but dealing with complaints and payme is sometimes tiring. 


What do you like most about working with talent agencies and creative businesses?

I always liked being surrounded by creative people who appreciate the Arts as I do. It is exciting to see the progress of some artists who work for the same company I do and make me feel proud of working for it too, even if there is only an inch of my input in projects.


Do you consider yourself creative? At work or personally? 

I never saw myself as creative until I got to discovered I had been all my life. I might not have the power of creating something that many will admire, but I do create other things that I like and make my day smoother and better, both in my personal and work life.


Where do you work from? What is your favorite part about this area? 

I work from my parent’s country house which I am so lucky to have as the soundtrack I have is the singing of the birds. Although, I have been in talks of buying a house in Bornos, a little town by the mountains at South West of Andalucia, let us see how it goes!


What advice would you give to artists managing their own accounts? 

I would name invoice numbers the same way as those invoices they present to their tax offices so it is easier when they are doing their accounts at the end of the financial year. Furthermore, I would recommend a quarter catch-up on your invoices and not waiting until the year-end as mostly everyone tends to do that. If you do it quarterly, everything will be in place and you will get to have everything ready to hand in.


What is one piece of advice you think would help artists/authors you work with have the best experience with Accounts Admin? 

I would probably say, If you would like to get faster responses from Payme, always quote the PO number of the job you are asking after. Also, if you want to avoid delays in getting paid, I would advise them to add an invoice number on the job they are working on the artist portal as soon as they start working on it or they can see it on the portal.