Communication…. are you a machine or person?


Accounts Admin is a team of real people, who you can meet here!

The Portal was, and continues to be, a huge investment for Accounts Admin. We actually have a full-time developer working on tweaks and new development full time. However, everyday, full time, our accounts professionals work to answer your emails, get you paid, and keep everything running, with great personal care.

The portal allows you transparency and instant information 24/7. However, we still have that personal touch every day, and the machines work hand in hand with our team to allow faster, better responses.

There are many ways you can communicate on the portal:

  1. When you input your invoice number it alerts us that your payment is ready to be paid.
  2. You can chase a job on the Portal. A message will then automatically be sent to our credit control system, making our staff aware of it.
  3. We update you on any credit control delays via the portal. Things like how we are proceeding with the client, expected payment dates, if there is an issue with an invoice, etc.
  4. When you update your invoice it alerts your agent to Invoice the work.
  5. When we pay you, a statement is updated on your Payments Portal and an email is also sent.
  6. There are deadline reminders to assist you, an email is also sent if your agent chooses that feature.
  7. When your bank account details are updated an email alert is sent to us.
  8. Personal data updates when you change your address, are sent on alerts to us.
  9. We can send you notes to your message centre on your portal, and you can acknowledge them.
  10. You can, and must approve payments via the Portal. This makes sure you are paid the right amount, at the right time.

We look forward to continuing to work with you, and through the portal we can use technology to expedite everything, from payments, to communication and more! The portal is always evolving.