Meet The Team

Ricardo Gonzalo

Ric is one of our veterans at the accounts department. Having worked with American companies in the past made him expand his great accounting skills to manage Advocate Art Inc and Astound US agencies since the very first day. He is the guy you always would like to sit next to as he always has the answer for all the questions, even for IT queries! Paddle and sailing are two of his biggest passions, and he is lucky enough to be located in the south of Spain where the weather makes it possible to practice any outdoor activities almost all year around. Thus, he also loves trekking in the countryside with his wife and dog.

Tamara Morero

Tamara joined the accounts department, after working in the UK for more than 8 years developing her knowledge on accounts. She has now worked with us for almost two years adding a very positive mood and a good accounting knowledge to the team, managing Collaborate and Advocate Art LTD. It is great to work with Tammy, she is always willing to help and has a great team spirit, with her great attitude even during stressful times. Tammy has a warm personality but is ferocious on credit control. It is a pleasure working with her, always working hard with a smile on her face. She now lives in Spain, very close to the beach where she loves practicing yoga and doing long walks with her two dogs whom she adores.

Babs Sivaharan

Babs is our Accounts Manager and has been working with us for nearly 5 years. She is based in the UK and manages her Accounts team based in Spain, making sure they carry on daily tasks such as credit control and making sure payments are made on time. Amongst other duties, she deals with clients as well as artist queries and VAT accounts for all UK agencies.Babs enjoys reading and doing yoga and she is a firm believer that positive thinking is the way to live, spreading those vibes within the team sharing a positive affirmation everyday. Her Favourite book is Secret & The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

Jasmin Sadhwani

Jasmin started working for the Accounts team working on royalties and helping the team initially, 4 years back. Her passion for number crunching has made her grow within the company to be the Financial Controller as well as the HR Manager. She has a very calm nature and is always willing to help the team, her sweetness should not confuse you because she is tough with her duties and will do whatever it is in her hands to get things done. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Jas. She loves baking and cooking in her limited free time as her adorable 2 year old son takes up all her free time.

Pablo Rosado

Pablo is the most recent signing at the accounts department. After living in the UK for over 11 years and working at the accounts department of a high fashion label, he decided to return to his hometown in Spain where he works for us from his house in the countryside, managing Advocate Art S.L. and Artistique. He is great at credit control, so no client escapes from his charming skills to get our artists paid on time. Pablo enjoys taking care of his plants that look great, having a yoga session at the sunset and doing some trekking during the weekend.

Kim Smith

Kim is in charge of Payme emails. She will know better than any of us when artists can expect their payments and is always there to help us all. Just fire a question and she will get back to you with the right answer!She is a cat lover, in fact she lives with her three cats whom she spoils a lot. Board games with friends, playing tennis, cooking and reading are the things she enjoys the most in her free time.


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