Who are Accounts Admin? Why does my Agency not do this?


Our services explained:

We are a stand-alone company and yes, outsourced. We like to think of ourselves as Admin Specialists. 

It may sound strange… but we love our work! We love a spreadsheet,  balance ledger, and we enjoy assisting with finances. Many of us have been here for years. 

The team is mostly Spanish. We are very lucky to be based in beautiful Seville with its incredible historic architecture, restaurants, festivals and orange trees lining the streets. Plus, we’re only an hour away from the Mediterranean.

Why Spain? Once you speak English and Spanish you can talk to half the world! Home to some of the largest banks in the world, Spain has a heritage of being organised, and great with compliance and accounting. We are also in a good location to navigate Brexit, and on a medium Time Zone between the US and Asia.

Most Artists Agencies come to us because they are in a muddle with local compliance, or losing money through bank charges and withholding tax, or growing fast and they don’t have time to build an accounts team. Agencies love working with us on a personal level – because we are part of their day to day team. We have visited their offices, and they have visited ours. We know their jobs, their artists, and every agent. 

Agencies tell us that there is a natural conflict of interest if your agent is trying to get your money in, but at the same time negotiating your next deal with a client.  We solve that problem, allowing agents to secure deals and not waste time on accounts management. Plus, if you are not trained at credit control it is not an enjoyable task.

We created an online portal so everyone has access to their account information 24/7. The portal was designed specifically for creative agencies, authors, and artists. 

We assist 7 International Agencies. We run over 30 bank accounts. We have 8 accountants, 5 credit controllers, and manage almost $20 million per year for our clients, paying almost 1,000 individuals on a regular basis.

We give you and your Agency value through our services, working at a high level of expertise, at an affordable rate. We are Admin Specialists from Spain, working hand in hand with the top creative agencies in the world.