Where is my Money? – Payment Weeks


What is a payment week and why do we have them?

Once payments have been received from the client-side, we will pay you within a month, or sooner if your allocated payment run week is sooner. That is the contract you have with your agent that we have also agreed to!

Each early week, we plan our weekly payment run. Funds are set to be received by you Friday of that particular week.

You can find your assigned payment week on your portal with a Letter as below:

– Week A corresponds to the first week of the month.

– Week B, second week of the month.

– Week C, third week of the month.

– Week D or E are the fourth week of the month.

All payments are organised in different currencies, we try to avoid bank charges as much as possible, so we convert the amount in the bank country currency, unless you give us instructions to the otherwise!

For international payments we will deduct half of the bank charges and we will pay the other half for you. We Pay all incoming charges from the client ourselves.

By grouping payments, we can reduce charges to you. By fixing a payment week you can play your outgoings around when you will get paid which is far less stressful that not knowing when the money is coming.

You can change your payment week if you like, just drop me a line and I would be happy to adjust!

Kim, Accounts Admin team