Portal help – issues and bugs.


Help with the technical side of the Portal:

The Payment Portal is the admin side of your representation. 

(not to be confused with the Artist CMS …your Image Library/Portfolio that is added to the Agency site).

The artist portal allows you to have complete transparency of your payments, deadlines, data etc. It was a massive investment by us to set it up. The amazing thing is, that it mirrors the same system that the Agents and we here at Accounts Admin, use!

Payme is here to help you with any questions you may have regarding invoices, payments or any matters relating to accounts. 

You can contact Payme on its email: payme@accountsadmin.com

However, everything you need to know is online.

Once you have signed your contract and are introduced to the team, Kim (Payme manager) will send you a welcome pack. This will explain how to set up your Artist Portal, how to add your bank details and how to complete any other personal information we need from you. 

All portal issues should be directed to Payme so that Kim can notify our IT team. The Portal is a ‘first’ for your agency…a great way to manage your finances. A little bit like having web access to your bank accounts. Imagine the days when banks just sent a statement once a month, many agencies still manage Artists admin that way!