The client has paid but the money has not arrived?


Common ways you may be delaying your own payment….

You don’t want to be responsible for delaying your own payment. Here are some common reasons that payments are delayed:

  1. You forgot to enter your invoice number.

No invoice number – It is important you add your own invoice number to your portal. In many countries it is a legal requirement in Company Law for a supplier (you) to submit an invoice Bill or Factura. To avoid you having to create an invoice each month and send it to us, we have an automated system that generates them. We had to obtain special permissions from tax authorities to be able to save you this task! It just requires you to enter a unique invoice number each month. 

It is illegal for us to pay you without you entering in a number. It is your confirmation and agreement that the money being sent is approved and accepted by you.

  1. You have not verified your bank details.

When you update your new bank details you will receive an email from Payme to verify your details, please log in to your portal and follow the instructions on your email and verify your bank details.

  1. You have not finished entering your bank details.

Please make sure all the bank detail fields are complete on your artist portal. It can take a few weeks for us to notice and track that a payment has bounced back. Double check everything is correct when you enter in your details.

  1. Contracts are not completed with the client.

Incomplete client contracts delay payment. Please make sure your client contract is signed and returned. There is often a checklist that clients go through before paying us, so if the contract is not there you can miss a whole payment cycle – that can be as long as 6 weeks! We have a contract checklist system here that your agent taps into, they should be sending you reminders. Check in with your agent if you have any questions about your job contract.

  1. Finally, a common error is not notifying us the job is complete! 

Your Agent may be out of the loop on a project due to schedule changes so make sure you mark a project complete on the Portal the moment it is done. Your agent is not in charge of marking your invoice number. This ensures the client is invoiced and pays us.