Meet The Team- Jasmin Sadhwani


The accounts team has a lot to handle, but you might not know what exactly it is they do. We did interviews with the team to get to know them better! Learn more about Jasmin and all her hard work to handle agency finances and HR work with Natasha.

Jasmin started working for the Accounts team working on royalties and helping the team initially, 4 years back. Her passion for number crunching has made her grow within the company to be the Financial Controller as well as the HR Manager. She has a very calm nature and is always willing to help the team, her sweetness should not confuse you because she is tough with her duties and will do whatever it is in her hands to get things done. She loves baking and cooking in her limited free time as her adorable son takes up all her free time.


What is your role at Accounts Admin? 

            I am the financial controller.


What is a typical work day for you? 

            I oversee the day-to-day operations of all the agencies’ finances. I manage the payments as well as handle the accounting and administration of the agencies allocated to me. I also work on HR duties with Natasha. 


How did you get into account administration? 

            I have always had a passion for numbers which is why I studied Business Administration at the University of Exeter.


What are you known for amongst your coworkers?

            Known as having a calm demeanor even under stressful circumstances and a number cruncher.


What is something you wish people knew about your role? 

             My role involves managing the accounts for all the agencies we work with and ensuring we are compliant with the regulations of the different countries and states as well as auditing the company accounts and running the financial reports to check and ensure the company is profitable.


What do you like most about working with talent agencies and creative businesses? 

             You get to see so many beautiful pieces of artwork and I have discovered a whole new sector I never knew existed.


Do you consider yourself creative? At work or personally? 

              No, I’m not artistic or creative.


Where do you work from? and What is your favorite part about this area? 

              I work from home, in Benalmadena (Malaga), Spain. Working from home helps me be connected all the time in case I need to contact or reply to team members in different time zones.


What advice would you give to artists or authors managing their own accounts? 

            We could manage their payments from clients and our credit control team work hard to ensure clients pay so we can pay our artists.


What is one piece of advice you think would help artists/authors you work with have the best experience with Accounts Admin? 

            Add your invoice numbers and ensure all your payment details are updated on the portal to ensure payments are made in a timely manner.